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Mold Tooling

Garner has strategic relationships with several quality Midwestern mold tooling shops, as well as trusted offshore facilities. These shops have been specifically chosen for their combination of outstanding quality, consistent and reliable lead times, and competitive pricing.

In addition, each shop has their niche so different types of molds such as hot runner molds, molds with side actions, complex parting lines, insert mold and overmold tooling, and unscrewing molds as well as simple two-plate molds are competitively bid with the suppliers that are the best fit for the type of mold being built. A diverse pool of exceptional shops ensures quality tooling at very attractive pricing.

Garner has extensive experience with offshore tooling with an excellent track record of supplying quality mold tooling with exceptional lead times. Offshore sourced tooling is available in 5 to 7 weeks. We have a dedicated engineer that resides in Shenzen, China that manages all communications with the offshore suppliers. He coordinates all quoting, communication, preliminary design review, as well as in-person visits to verify build progress.

Whether built domestically or abroad, you can rest assured knowing that you have made a good investment in quality mold tooling.

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