Mold Manufacturing

Invest in quality mold tooling

Garner Industries leverages valuable relationships to provide injection molding tools for plastic product manufacturers. Precise molds, and plastic injection mold design, require a combination of quality supply chain sourcing, both domestically and internationally, as well as reliable lead times, and competitive pricing.Plastic injection manufacturers often hold a special niche. Garner meets special requirements with a variety of injection tools such as hot runner molds, molds with side actions, complex parting lines, insert mold and over-mold tooling, and unscrewing molds – as well as simple two-plate molds. All are competitively bid with a combination of suppliers that are the best fit for the type of mold being built. Garner’s international and domestic connections help ensure timely offshore quoting, communication, preliminary design review, as well as in-person visits to verify build quality and progress. Working with Garner Industries’, you can rest in knowing that experts leveraging 70 years of manufacturing experience will ensure you make a great investment in quality injection mold tools. >