CNC Machining

On-site machining & turning

Count on Garner Industries for small batch CNC machining or medium volume CNC machining of metals and plastics.

Featuring a wide variety of precision and production machining capabilities, Garner’s high-tech machines ensure a perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Garner’s high-precision CNC milling and turning, including 4-axis horizontal milling and 3-axis turning. Garner dedicates a work cell to prototype machining to satisfy customers’ pre-production needs.

Our skilled machinists and CNC mill operators are adept at working with diverse common and exotic materials. Garner is experienced in hard and soft metals including aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. We are also skilled in specialized alloys such as Hallestoy® and Inconel®, as well as many other types of exotic metals, high-temperature alloys, and super alloys. 

When it comes to plastics, Garner has expertise working with an extensive range of materials including acetal, nylon, polyamide-imide, UHMW polyethylene, and PTFE as well as high-performance polymers including PEEK™ and Ultem®.