Garner Industries Installs New Toyo Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Garner Industries has added yet another state-of-the art plastic injection molding to its arsenal of 26 presses for a total of two new presses in 2020. The new Toyo 400 S-6 plastic injection molding machine provides Garner customers many benefits due to its advanced technology. Its high-speed, high response control system minimizes setup times and optimizes run times that translate into highly consistent production for short to long runs of parts.   

This 400-ton press constantly monitors quality and provides operator feedback. This enhanced functionality allows for improved mold protection and operator-supporting functions such as mold condition analysis, to ensure the long-term integrity of Garner’s customers’ tooling investments. The Toyo 400 S-6 is highly energy efficient and eco-friendly, supporting Garner’s commitment to preserving the environment.

The high-precision machine features an advanced mold-clamping mechanism that provides injection stability that results in a superior final product. To produce high quality parts with tight tolerances, the Toyo S-6 has an injection unit offering standard, high-speed, high-pressure and super high-pressure options. The compact design of the press also contributes to the efficient utilization of Garner’s factory floor space.

Scott McLain, CEO of Garner Industries comments on this new equipment for Garner “We have been busy with new molding and tooling projects and have several new contracts coming to fruition. We are excited to add this brand new 400-ton Toyo molding machine as we continually upgrade and replace equipment in our plant. The all new electric press is sure to help exceed Garner customer expectations and ensure the production of parts that meet the highest quality standards.”