Garner Industries Named Visionary Partner

by Nia Nielsen —

Garner Industries named Visionary Partner following the company’s $10,000 gift to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools. Garner, a manufacturing company located in Lincoln, Nebraska, joins the ranks of Ameritas, Assurity, Capital One and others with this contribution.

“Garner Industries is committed to the local Lincoln community and the education of our citizens. As a small business, Garner is reliant on a talented and educated local work force for all aspects of our business management and manufacturing production,” stated Scott McLain, CEO of Garner Industries. “Supporting the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools and their mission will help students and our company meet their best potential.”

As a corporate partner, Garner Industries will aid the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, helping to ensure that all students have access to additional opportunities beyond what is provided through tax dollars, so that all students reach their full potential. 

“No two kids are alike; they all need access to different opportunities in their formative years to be successful as adults,” Wendy DeLaCastro president of the Foundation stated. “At the Foundation we like to say we have more than 42,000 mission statements, one for each student at LPS. To do our work we raise funds to lift up students and remove barriers to learning so they come to the classroom ready to learn, as well as, fund experiences that challenge students and grow their minds. Garner’s gift helps us do all that.”

To make a gift like the one Garner Industries has provided or to partner on a specific project call 402.436.1612 for more details.

Randy Feese Appointed Vice President of Operations for Garner Industries

Randy Feese has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Operations for Garner Industries. This promotion is in recognition of Randy’s contributions since assuming the position of plant manager for Garner in October of 2018.

Under Randy’s guidance Garner has continued to make operational improvements that have increased plant efficiency. Despite supply chain challenges and demands on the company to supply products to essential industries over the past year, Randy was able to lead efforts that improved plant-wide on-time delivery, optimized production processes, and reduced cycle times in the molding operation.

Wire EDM capabilities were also upgraded under Randy’s supervision with the 2020 addition of a new Charmilles CNC wire EDM machine with fully submerged five-axis machining for customers needing precision-cut custom metal parts. Mold tooling services have been expanded to accommodate the advanced tooling needs of new customers with offshore tooling managed by a Garner employee in Asia.

Even before joining Garner in 2016, Randy had extensive experience directing complex plastics manufacturing operations and managing quality-certified operations. Prior to working for Garner, Randy spent 15 years as plant manager for Opus Medication Systems in Omaha, Nebraska. His professional experience also includes six years at the global corporation Accuma, as plant manager of their Beatrice, Nebraska operation.

Randy joined Garner in March 2016 as project engineer to manage the design and installation of a large and complex injection molding work cell that incorporated three 500-ton presses, an automated gasketing operation, extensive use of robotics, the installation of three resin silos, and a pneumatic conveying system. Then in 2017, Randy was charged with supervising Garner’s 40,000 square-foot facility expansion and the relocation of the work cell he completed the previous year.

Randy remains responsible for all Garner’s plant manufacturing operations, including plastics molding, CNC, tooling, maintenance, safety, facilities, jobshop customer service, and supply chain management. Additionally, he oversees the manufacturing operation of the global BinMaster level sensor product line.

Custom Manufacturer Leverages Experience to Make Better Parts

By Mark Shortt — Design-2-Part Magazine —

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Given Garner Industries’ history of retaining key employees, it’s not surprising that John Kunkle, the firm’s sales manager, calls Garner’s “duration and depth of experience” one of the company’s most important strengths.

Garner Industries established in 1953, is a veteran-owned machine shop and custom parts manufacturer that specializes in plastic injection molding and precision CNC machining of metals and plastics. Several of Garner’s managers—in roles from senior management to engineering, injection molding processing, and sales—have been with the company for 20 to 30 years, according to Kunkle.

“Our staff not only knows how to make a part, but how to make it better,” Kunkle said in an emailed response. “We don’t just blindly quote a part from a print—we work with the customer to define what is needed. We offer suggestions to improve the part or reduce cost, offer material options if possible, and verify tolerances and expectations before starting the project.”

As a provider of machine shop services, Garner employs CNC milling and turning to produce parts from common metals—such as steel,  aluminum, brass, and stainless steel—and from exotic alloys, like Inconel and Hastelloy. The company also machines a wide range of plastics, including PTFE, PEEK™, and Ultem®. To complement these machining capabilities, Garner offers custom tool building and wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) services in-house.

Among the wide variety of parts produced by Garner are CNC machined and injection molded components used in motors, actuators, and valves for aerospace and aviation customers. The company makes high-pressure CNC machined housings, submersible pump components, and molded connectors for the oil and gas industry. Garner also manufactures machined and molded components for government and defense prime contractors and subcontractors, as well as injection molded components, antennas, battery cases, and housings for the telecommunications industry.

The company recently built a 40,000-square-foot addition to house three new 500-ton injection molding presses, a robotic foam-in-place gasketing cell, and expanded warehousing capabilities. Today, Garner runs three shifts at its 115,000-square-foot facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, employing 140 people, Kunkle said.

The collective experience of Garner’s managerial staff is invaluable to customers in a number of ways. For one, it enables Garner to provide consultation and expertise—in manufacturing capabilities, material selection, and tool design—to assist customers in making educated decisions about critical components.

For injection molding projects, Garner’s team talks with customers about the tooling that will support their requirements most effectively—tooling that’s built domestically, or tooling that’s built offshore. They work with customers to “offer the best solution for cavity count to balance their tooling cost versus part cost,” Kunkle said. And while developing a customer’s mold design, Garner can provide Moldflow analysis “at no extra cost to define best gate location and identify areas that are susceptible to warp or shrinkage before completing the mold design,” he explained.

“Next, we will submit a DFM (design for manufacturing) report to the customer to outline gating, ejection, and parting line split, as well as requirements for slides, lifters, and any other concerns with the part design or tool design. Once the customer approves the report, we will complete the mold layout for the customer to review and approve, as desired,” Kunkle said.

Garner’s injection molding presses range in clamping force from 35 to 500 tons, enabling the firm to mold small, medium-size, and large components. The firm’s injection molding experience also includes manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic seals for the agriculture industry; components for PPE, ventilators, and respirators for the medical industry; shunts for the electronics industry; and commercial and industrial air filter components for the transportation sector. Garner also makes injection molded and machined archery components for the sporting goods industry, Kunkle said.

The company’s quality assurance laboratory is staffed on all three daily shifts. The lab is equipped with three coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), including a programmable Zeiss and a Sprint with dual vision and CMM capabilities.

“We are dedicated to quality and are certified to ISO 9001 quality-management system requirements,” Kunkle said. “Injection molding tolerances are always variable, depending on the material being molded and the size of the dimension being molded. Some fine details can be held to +/-0.001 inch, but tolerances in that range need to be specifically discussed during the project review process.”

Garner’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified for precision CNC machining, tooling, and plastics injection molding. Its quality certification also applies to software and the design and manufacture of level controls and sensors, according to the firm’s registration certificate.

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